THAMES MMXX. is a brand 100% owned by 51% skateboarder, Blondey. That’s me who’s writing this, by the way. Since its somewhat inadvertent inception, it has been worn by all manner of Miracle Boys (and girls) from Tyler, the Creator to Kate Moss, collaborated with the likes of Fred Perry and the Francis Bacon Estate, and been featured on the covers of a score of esteemed, international publications such as GQ Middle East, Highsnobiety and Kaleidoscope. What else… oh, the products! Well, they’re brilliant. And there are all sorts of them too: sunglasses handmade in Italy from the finest cellulose acetates, fine jewellery — putting it lightly — and the premium Portuguese knitwear whose advert led you here, to name just a few. I realise, reading it back, that the above comes across as one big boast, but it’s more or less what you, a prospective, first-time customer, wanted to know, isn’t it? Besides, it’s all true. 

Scroll on and see for yourself. 

Billy Trick wearing the Starlink cable-knit on the cover of our our rest-of-year knitwear catalogue, ‘BILLY IN CLOTHES.’